• Elcan M145

    Elcan M145

    Optics/Sights Lima (Ohio) November 19, 2016 1,100.00 $ (USD)

    Selling a new barely used Elcan M145. It has one little blemish was used at an event then put away until I got an lmg not going to get one anymore like my setup how it is so looking to sell this sight.

  • Real Steel Trijicon RMR

    Real Steel Trijicon RMR

    Optics/Sights Fayetteville (North Carolina) June 22, 2019 350.00 $ (USD)

    Selling a Trijicon rmr that I received in a trade for $450. It wasn't really what I was looking for so I'm willing to resell for $350 plus shipping. If you're not in the area I can ship to you.

  • Replica Elcan SpecterOS4

    Replica Elcan SpecterOS4

    Optics/Sights Maysville (Kentucky) April 23, 2016 90.00 $ (USD)

    - Locked to 4x zoom by design - Has a brown/tan rattlesnake pattern ( mostly removed now ) - Very sturdy and strong - In great condition - Takes a single CRC2032 battery to power the 5 levels of red/green illumination - Adjustable elevation and winda...

  • NcStar Ultra Compact Pistol Green Laser

    NcStar Ultra Compact Pistol Green Laser

    Lasers/Designators Buckhannon (West Virginia) June 7, 2017 35.00 $ (USD)

    Color: Black

  • AA500mAh 7.2 v battery

    AA500mAh 7.2 v battery

    PEQ/Battery Box/Etc Wall (Pennsylvania) March 23, 2019 14.00 $ (USD)

    used a couple times i do not own a charger for it site wont let me upload a picture.

  • NcStar 2-9x30 scope

    NcStar 2-9x30 scope

    Optics/Sights Blaine (Minnesota) May 28, 2019 10.00 $ (USD)

    Clear glass, sturdy construction & a price that is in range put this optic in your sights.

  • Matrix Flip-Up Sight Shield Protector

    Matrix Flip-Up Sight Shield Protector

    Mounting Hardware Buckhannon (West Virginia) June 7, 2017 7.00 $ (USD)

    Color: Clear

  • WTT/WTS: Aimpoint Pro & EOTechs (real)

    WTT/WTS: Aimpoint Pro & EOTechs (real)

    Optics/Sights Oklahoma City (Oklahoma) June 15, 2016 1.00 $ (USD)

    WTT WTS: Aimpoint Pro & EOtechs (updated with prices) Items I'll accept for trade include: (I can add cash also) 1. Crye G3 Top medium/regular 2. Crye G3 combat pants 32 long 3. 3M Peltor ComTac III (along with any rail adapters or accessories. -...