• Aug A3

    Aug A3

    Automatic Electric Guns (AEG) Springfield (Tennessee) April 17, 2019 Free

    Looking to trade this beauty for something more of a Vector OR a FAL

  • Full hpa gear setup

    Full hpa gear setup

    High Pressure Air Guns (HPA) Nashville (Tennessee) March 30, 2019 800.00 $ (USD)

    I'm selling all my airsoft gear to build a pistol all must go you will have everything you need to play the day you get the gear

  • Krytac LVOA-C (Tan)

    Krytac LVOA-C (Tan)

    Automatic Electric Guns (AEG) Murfreesboro (Tennessee) January 21, 2019 375.00 $ (USD)

    Selling my KRYTAC LVOA-C Not a thing wrong with it I just need the money and no more time for Airsoft. This Airsoft gun hits hard and reaches far. The accuracy is impressive as well. Krytac LVOA-C - $375 PTS M4 Mag - $10 each Magpul angeled grip -$10...

  • Ics MP5

    Ics MP5

    Boneyard Guns Knoxville (Tennessee) August 4, 2018 Free

    This Mp5 is gutted and ready for HPA if that’s what you wish. All metal where metal in on the real one and polymer where polymer is I have all internals except gear box and motor. Trigger it does have. Also compatible with TM parts and VFC

  • Elite force 1911 tac

    Elite force 1911 tac

    Gas Blow Back Guns (GBB) Knoxville (Tennessee) August 4, 2018 Free

    This is a like new 1911 only used outside to plink around it has $30 custom grips on it and a $20 chrome barrel, the gun cost $130, grips $30, barrel $20 total $180 selling for $100 or $80 without the grips also comes with box

  • Command buttstock

    Command buttstock

    Stocks/Stock Accessories Knoxville (Tennessee) August 3, 2018 35.00 $ (USD)

    Command armsar15/m16 collapsible buttstock with compartment and rail. For set, how, spring..it'll fit any standard m4 style rifle.

  • Kwa sr10 body

    Kwa sr10 body

    High Pressure Air Guns (HPA) Knoxville (Tennessee) August 3, 2018 100.00 $ (USD)

    (This is just the body) I had a whole how wolverine set up in this gun but swapped it so it consist of a keymod rail system, suppressor, gearbox shell, and body. (Aeg/hpa) Willing to ship

  • H&K Ump45, LT-16T, WG ISSC M22. And other stuff

    H&K Ump45, LT-16T, WG ISSC M22. And other stuff

    Automatic Electric Guns (AEG) Nashville (Tennessee) June 3, 2018 580.00 $ (USD)

    Extra Pictures :https://imgur.com/a/GaKDzcQ I have some gun to trade,all come in Original box and all function,any flaws will be listed Best condition H&K Ump45,only flaw is orange tip was scratched due to failed attempt of removing it.+4 perfect...

  • Custom VFC M4 - wolverine gen2 inferno/wraith combo

    Custom VFC M4 - wolverine gen2 inferno/wraith combo

    High Pressure Air Guns (HPA) Kingsport (Tennessee) September 25, 2017 650.00 $ (USD)

    Colt VFC body Wolverine Gen 2 Inferno Wolverine Gen 2 wraith 14.5" Daniel defense outer barrel 455mm 6.03mm Prometheus inner barrel Flathopped Prometheus hopup unit Mission first tactical handgrip Foam silencer No issues just down sizing my airsoft c...

  • EMG Salient Arms GRY

    EMG Salient Arms GRY

    Automatic Electric Guns (AEG) Dickson (Tennessee) January 19, 2017 500.00 $ (USD)

    I have a EMG Salient Arms GRY. Has the magpul SL stock, a magpul QD sling, magpul vertical MLOK grip, and a T1 replica red dot (came with the gun). I am asking $500 for it. Which is a steal considering it was $480 brand new and I added all the stuff ...

  • Wts custom M4

    Wts custom M4

    Automatic Electric Guns (AEG) Knoxville (Tennessee) August 29, 2016 280.00 $ (USD)

    I have a custom m4 with tan magpul body. Has a brand new centurion rail with segments and new pistol grip. Has a vfc 416 gearbox inside and is wired to deans. Only trade I am interested in is the emg GRY. For images please contact and will send them ...

  • KWA akg-74su

    KWA akg-74su

    Gas Blow Back Guns (GBB) Gallatin (Tennessee) July 11, 2016 300.00 $ (USD)

    Gbb ak-74u made by KWA, comes with two non leaking mags.